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Birthday Surprise

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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Hello, Gigi. And happy birthday! Are you excited about finally turning 18?

"Thank you! And of course I'm excited. It's like, a big deal! I'm a legal adult now. I celebrated by having a big birthday bash. And the best present I got was getting my cherry eaten and popped by a cute guy. We snuck off for a little while to fool around, and I told him that when I blew out the candles on my cake I wished that he would give me my first fuck ever. So he did. That's the best thing about being the birthday girl. You get whatever you want!"

We see that you're pretty flexible. Do you show that off when you fuck?

"Yes, every guy knows that that's one of the perks of dating a cheerleader. I've been cheerleading and dancing for years, so I can do splits like they're nothing. The guys go crazy when I straddle their cocks. And they can twist me into a lot of crazy positions while we fuck. It keeps things interesting."

You haven't been fucking that long though. How do you like it so far?

"It's great. After that first time on my birthday I knew it was the start of an addiction! Now I have sex almost every day. And even though I've only recently started having sex, I feel like I'm already a freak. I am trying all kinds of new things, and I like just about everything that I try. And so much more is still in store for me!"

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