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Barely Bushy

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Barely Bushy

Barely Bushy

Heather! You didn't have that bush when we saw you in the Jan. '10 issue. What's up with that?

"I wanted to try something different so I grew out my pubes. I didn't want a huge bush, just a little something, so I only grew out the top part. I still shave around my pussy lips and asshole. To me, those parts should always be hair-free so you can feel a guy's hot tongue running all over your naughty bits."

What do people think of your new pube 'do?

"The guys who have seen it think it's cute. I think most guys don't mind a little bit of hair as long as it's not growing crazy all over the place. Then again, there are guys who like that, too. I had one guy who asked me to grow out my entire bush. I did it for a while, but I really prefer to be shaved. I figure what I have now is a happy medium. You'd be surprised how much more sensitive your pussy is when it's shaved. And honestly, I like the shaved look way better. With lots of pubes, you can't see the pussy that much. And mine is pretty so I want to make sure you can see the sexy, pink bits!"

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